Monday, May 3, 2010

Ex-Defence Minister Defends Aliens, Says Hawking Wrong

From CTV news:
The longtime cabinet minister accuses Hawking of spreading misinformation about extraterrestrials.
"I think he's indulging in some pretty scary talk there that I would have hoped would not come from someone with such an established stature," Hellyer said in an interview.
"I think it's really sad that a scientist of his repute would contribute to what I would consider more misinformation about a vast and very important subject."
I'm not sure what concerns me more, that Steve Hawking just saw Independence Day...dude it came out in 1996...or that Paul Hellyer thinks alien invasion is a "very important subject." I wonder if aliens told Hellyer to unify the Canadian Forces back in 1968? Because it is about the only rational explanation...

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