Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 IPMS/USA National Convention

Heather and I spent Thursday and Friday at the IPMS/USA Convention in Columbus. Overall it was a great show. My only complaint was that the lighting in the model room was very poor. This is a constant problem with shows hosted by IPMS/Columbus, so I'm starting to wonder if the club is a bunch of vampires or something! I was shocked by the amount and quality of the models on display. (Click here for some of my photos from the show.) I picked up a few decal sheets and resin sets, but the biggest score was a Valom H.P. Hampden with the torpedo conversion. Shockingly, I went a little crazy late Friday and purchased a new Grex airbrush... (I attended an airbrushing seminar by Rafe Morrissey on Friday which I think directly attributed to the purchase of the Grex.)

Probably the best thing about the convention; well other then seeing lots of friends, was that it jazzed me up to get back to modeling again.

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Anonymous said...

Grr... You got a Valom Hampden before me. Please share your review impressions.