Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New A Scale Canadian Terms of Service

As some of you may know, I have long been waging a personal war on 1/48 scale kits. They are a pox against humanity and need to be cleansed from the face of the earth. "Quarter inch" kits are the Devil Scale and should be banished. Don't ask doesn't matter...just accept it. I've tried many ways to criminalize the Devil Scale, but I think I've finally found a way that will work. My friend Jeff Miller mentioned the Lori Drew case on his blog yesterday and linked to a few days old post on the Volokh Conspiracy. I had not heard about the Drew case, but it appears to have made new law. Rather then study the case and debate if it made new law, I'm just going to apply the precedent. (Heck I read it on the internet, it has to be true, right.) So here are the new A Scale Canadian Terms of Service.

1. 1/48 scale kits are the Devil Scale. By reading this blog you agree to only buy and build kits from the one true scale aka the Divine Scale, 1/72. Purchasing, building, ownership, transference, thinking about, or even reading an online review of a 1/48 scale kit violates A Scale Canadian's Terms of Service. As violations of website's Terms of Service are now felonies, Federal Marshals will be at your door any minute 1/48 builder. You will spend the rest of your years building snaptite 1/72 scale kits in Federal Prison using Testors non-toxic tube glue and breaking the parts off the sprues. You have been warned!
2. Multiple violations of Terms of Service Term 1 by the same modeler require the mandatory application of the death penalty. Ownership of one 1/48 scale kit is a crime against humanity, but ownership of multiple 1/48 scale kits violates the civil rights of all humans. We hold this truth to be self evident. No exceptions, no take-backs.
3. No images, words, knowledge, or intellectual property garnered from reading this blog may be used without the express written consent of J. Clifford Bates, Esq., Neil Young, and the Commissioners of Baseball Bart Giamatti and Kenesaw Mountain Landis.
4. Every reader of this blog must buy me lunch once per annum.
5. Oh and stop making fun of Canadians.


David M. Knights said...

That's very descriminatory of you. I am going to lodge a complaint with the Canadian Human Right Commission. I better do it quick before they get put out of business. Seems like they are headed that way.

Anonymous said...

I agree they are pox against humanity.