Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tri-State Warbird Museum - The Flyers

Back in October while attending the Cincinnati Scale Modelers' Contest and Swap Meet, Matt and I took a side trip to the Clermont County Airport to visit the Tri-State Warbird Museum. It was a little hangar of some nicely restored airplanes, though it wasn't much of a Museum. Here are a few of the flying aircraft on display. (And yes I realize it is August and I took this pics in October...I'm a little slow...)

Ex-Royal Canadian Navy TBM-3E BuNo. 53420/N420GP was forlornly stuck in the corner.
TB-25N s/n 45-8898/N898BW "Axis Nightmare."

Every Museum needs a PT-17 Stearman. This is N224DF.
The Museum flagship is P-51D N83KD "Cincinnatti Miss" with the assumed identity of s/n 44-84410.

AT-6 s/n 42-84779/N7RK masquerading as "Tweety" the SNJ-5.

Later in the week I'll post some photos of the Corsair restoration project.

Since our visit the Museum has added a Strikemaster, FW-190 recreation, and a P-40 project to the collection. I'm not sure how they fit all the new additions in the hangar.


David M. Knights said...

I've got to visit this museum. HOw far from Cinci is it?

AScaleCanadian said...


About a half hour or so east of downtown. It is off of I275.