Monday, April 28, 2008

Canadian Military Aircraft - Finish and Markings 1968 to 2004

Back in 1997, Patrick Martin wrote book on Canadian Armed Forces aircraft markings that was a gold mine of information but was let down by poor printing and production values. After completing his book on RCAF markings, he decided to revisit the earlier book and upgrade it both in content and add the latest CAF aircraft.

The book revisits earlier territory it is almost all new. A few photographs from the first book make it into this issue, but the layout and drawing are all new. In fact it very much resembles the RCAF book both in style. The book is 296 pages long with colour card covers encased behind clear sheets. It is spiral bound and includes a colour center section. After a short introduction and a table of contents the main text of the book covers CAF schemes in detail. Schemes, types, colours, markings, and insignia are all discussed and illustrated with many black and white photos and drawings. The colour section includes colour chips, some marking diagrams, and almost 100 photos of CAF types. Including, of course, are quite a few colourful Hornets. The largest section of the book details every type of aircraft operated by the Canadian Armed Forces in alphabetic order and all the schemes they have carried. There are drawings and photographs to illustrate the schemes. Photographs usually cover one off special schemes as no drawings were done for these aircraft. Types span everything from the Grumman Albatross to the Canadair Yukon. Other aircraft included within this section are Starfighters, Hornets, Voodoos, CF-5s, helicopters of many variants, Airbus, 707s, Hercules, the new Hawk, Harvard II and Cormorant, and much more. The Appendix has a few extra photos of various Maple Flag aircraft, and some civil Hawker Hunters used in Canada and a listing of aircraft serials. There are also bonus colour photos on the insides and outside of the colour card covers.

Productions values are much improved in this issue. There is still the odd typo and text overlaying photos, but my understanding is that Patrick is aware of these problems and they have been corrected with more recent issues of the book. I just wish the book could have been full colour and all the photos were full page!

Overall this is a stunning book and a must for all CAF modelers. A lifetime of modeling inspiration can be found within the covers. Don’t let the price scare you off; this book is worth every penny. Excellent!

For more information on the book please contact the author direct at or at:

Martin Slides
20534 50th Ave.
Langley, BC
Canada V3A 5P5

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