Monday, December 17, 2007

2008 - A Modeling Plan

I have about 1,000,000 started projects lying around. In 2008 I’m going to clear them out. So here is the plan:

Kits With Deadlines:

Due in January: One 1/48 and two 1/72 Airfix Hurricanes for the UAMF group build.
Due in February: A Hasegawa Buffalo for the Jon, Mike, JV, and Jim Brewster Challenge.
Due in March: Eduard Fokker Dr. 1 and Esci Camel for the DSS WW1 group build.
Due in May/June: Academy 1/72 TBF for the DSS Midway group build (unstarted).

The Almost Dones:

JoHan Zero - Anti-AMS unpainted. Just needs a few decals. Looks terrible.
Airfix Tiger Moth - Anti-AMS unpainted. Just need to add the top wing and the landing gear.
Frog Hunter - Just need to add some decals, flat coat, and add some small parts.
Matchbox Tempest - Just needs a flat coat and some small parts added.
Academy XP-40 - Just need to spray the fabric surfaces dull silver, add the decals and some small parts.
Airfix Spitfire Vc - Needs more decals and I have to make up some serial numbers. Need to add the small parts as well.
Academy Kittyhawk - It is painted, but it probably needs some touch up.

The Assembled But Not Painted Clique:

Airfix Mosquito - Needs filling and sanding. Need to finish the wings and nacelles.
Hobby Boss Tomahawk - Needs filling and sanding
Frog Bearcat - Needs filling and sanding
Academy Mustang I - Needs filling and sanding
Airfix DHC-1 - Needs filling and sanding.
Heller Bf-108 - Needs filling and sanding.

(See a trend here?)

Slightly Started Things I Would Like to Finish:

Hasegawa Beaufighter
Tamiya P-47D
Fujimi Sabre 5
Trumpeter Sea Fury
Italeri Seafire III kitbash
Revell CF-101
Esci CF-5
Airfix B-26 Marauder
Heller Tempest

New Projects I Really Want to Do:

Academy Helldiver
Italeri B-25
Trumpeter Wellington
Revell AG Lancaster
Fujimi Spitfire XIV
Hobby Boss Typhoon
Hobby Boss H-34
Hobby Boss T-6

That would complete 30 models, most of which are stated and in boxes around here. If this plan actually happens, I will retired from modeling upon completion of the 30th finished kit of 2008. I will then spend the rest of my life basking in the glory of actually finishing 30 kits in a year. (That being said, when I finish 2 kits in 2008 this post can be used against me at my trial for breach of fiduciary duty as a modeler.)

Mr. Focus in 2008...


David M. Knights said...

If I can finish 5 this year, it will match my best ever output! BTW, your list of unfinished projects makes me feel better about my stack of 15 (at last count) partially started but unfinished models.

Anonymous said...

How do you like the frog bearcat?