Monday, May 21, 2018

AZ 1/72 Bell AH-1G Cobra

This is the AZ AH-1G kit done as a "representative" Cobra for a new Vietnam display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. A friend flew a AH-1G named "Henchman II" in theatre and he has provide me with tons of period photos of his aircraft. My plan was to build his helo, but sourcing decals in time was a problem.

The AZ kit is an odd mix of nice and not so nice.  The cockpit detail was pretty decent, but the tub didn't fit so well.  On the other hand, the fuselage and sub wing fit was excellent.  The canopy was thick, cloudy, and fit was so-so.  It reminded me of a Matchbox kit, as if their design aesthetic was update to reflect 2010s technology. But next time I'll try the Special Hobby kit...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dambuster Tribute

Sitting at the model desk contemplating the Dambuster raid which took place on this evening 75 years ago. The Lanc Project Part 2 will be both a Dambuster tribute and my own personal #RAF100 build. Now to decide which aircraft to model...AJ-F flown by Ken Brown, AJ-T flown by CanAmerican Big Joe, or AJ-N crewed by Canada’s last surviving Dambuster Fred Sutherland?