Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Canadian Navy Skyraider

Today on Hyperscale there is a nicely done Tamiya Skyraider in Royal Canadian Navy markings. It is a what if, but Canada did have a Skyraider. Well not really, but one landed on the HMCS Magnificent on September 23, 1953 because of fog. It was AD-4B BuNo 132354 from the USS Bennington and flown by James Elster. In good Canadian tradition we added a maple leaf and made him carry a moose back to the USS Bennington.

Hey, cut him off with that Sea Fury...then we'll finally have a real bomber in this Navy!

That's a Canadian now, eh. Maggie must be the name of the moose. (Or maybe the carrier...)

Look at all those Avengers! (Photos courtesy of the Canada Department of National Defence/Library and Archives of Canada.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models

Title: Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models
Author: Brett Green
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

A year or so ago I purchased Osprey's Modelling Scale Aircraft by Brett Green. While it was an interesting, but basic, booklet, it surprised me that painting was glossed over. Not long after the booklet was issued, it became clear why detailed painting tips were missing from the Modelling book, as Osprey announced the Mr. Green had Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models in the queue.

While Modelling had been a modest booklet, Airbrushing and Finishing is a much expanded 192 pages in a neat little binder format. As with most of Mr. Green's Osprey modeling books, it is illustrated with many beautiful pictures of both completed models, and in progress projects. The expected ground is covered including fundamental of the airbrush, a brief history of color, basic techniques, and then painting and finishing aircraft, armour, and other models. Techniques include winter white-wash finishes, gloss finishes, painting black and white, natural metal, and the expected, but overexposed, Luftwaffe finishes. Projects include a Blackburn Firebrand, Lancasters, B-25s, a Skua, a Meteor, a P-51, a Renault Alpine, and a KV-1 tank. (Also included are the usual -109s, -110s, and Hetzer tanks.) Overall, the book is well laid out, but one or two mistakes crept in. For example in the Lancaster section, a Bf 110 photo was mistakenly included rather then the correct Lancaster. The text is someone general, with more details illustrated and explained in the very detailed photo captions.

Overall I enjoyed the book. There are quite a few great tips in the book, and I would class it as useful for the basic to intermediate modeler.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Geneseo 2009

Whew, it has been a busy couple of weeks. After the Trenton show, it was back to work for a few days before heading off to Geneseo, New York, for the 1941 HAG's annual airshow. This year's theme was U.S. Naval aircraft, and while the total number of aircraft on the field was down, there were quite a few nice theme aircraft in attendance. Saturday hosted a two hour monsoon, but some flying took place early in the morning and late in the afternoon. After the poor weather Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day for an airshow. As always, Geneseo is a fun time, and it is good to catch up with friends. See below a few photos from the show.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CFB Trenton Air Display

This past weekend Heather and I joined the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Harvards for the CFB Trenton gathering. Canadian Forces Base Trenton was hosting an Open House/Anniversary Weekend to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada and the 60th Anniversary of the Memorial Gates. An air display was planned as was a parade to rededicate the Memorial Gates. CHAA had a five plane formation fly from Tillsonburg to Trenton.

I'll be in the back seat of RZW for the weekend.

While Heather was in the back of HWX.

You have to have the requisite shot of the CN Tower.

Greg and Dr. Dave in formation.

Here are two of Heather's shots of me trying out a little formation flying.

We arrive at Trenton. (Again, a Heather photo.)

The CWH sent out the Lancaster and Dakota. Sadly the Lanc had engine issues and could not fly for the rededication parade.

Hawk One, the Centennial Hornet, and the Snowbirds did a nice formation flight over the parade.

The Centennial Hornet

Hawk One

Vintage Wings of Canada brought the Hammy Gray Corsair, Mustang, Spitfire XVI, and the newly refinished "High Flight" Harvard.